[Ep. 3] WHAT SOME LADIES AND GUYS DON’T KNOW (The Love Experience Podcast with John Patience)

The Love Experience Podcast With John Patience
The Love Experience Podcast With John Patience

Hello everyone, it’s your favorite girl ‘John Patience’. Okay, before we get started:

NOTE: There is a difference between looking “sexy-attractive” and looking “decent-attractive” no discrimination.

  1. Some ladies do not know the difference between “dressing to look attractive” and dressing to look sexy”. You can look attractive and beautiful without being sexy.
  2. When you dress half naked, you look sexy. When you dress decently, you look attractive and beautiful.
  3. When you dress sexy, you are inviting bad boys to come and deceive you, use you and dump you, leaving you heartbroken. So don’t blame them. Blame yourself.
  4. When you dress very decently, irresponsible men will not come near you. It is only guys who are ready to be committed to you with good intentions that will come close to you.
  5. You don’t need to look sexy before your God-sent husband will locate you.
  6. Bad boys, irresponsible men want you to look sexy. Responsible men and matured men want you to look beautiful N’ “BE ATTRACTIVE, BEAUTIFUL AND NEAT.”

NOW guys listen up…..

NOTE: Before you start a relationship, you must think carefully about what you are about to do. A relationship is not something you just rush into or handle lightly.

  1. ARE YOU READY FOR A RELATIONSHIP? Are you emotionally, mentally and spiritually mature to meet the needs?
  2. Being sexually attracted to each other means absolutely nothing. It isn’t a sign of likeness, love or any other thing. Your mind may come up with it. It may just be your hormones messing with your mind. A woman is more than her body and her sexuality. She has a life which you should be able to blend with. Can you do it?
  3. This lady has a history. Can you handle it? She has a past. Can you handle it? Can you handle her mistakes, failures and weaknesses? Can you handle her dreams without being intimidated and becoming jealous?
  4. She already had a life before she met you. Can you fit into and improve in her life?
  5. Love is a commitment. Are you ready to commit each others life by helping yourselves grow and become all you want to be, by God’s grace?
  6. Is she valuable enough for you to devote a large portion of your life towards the accomplishment of her dream? Are you ready to pour your resources into making her all the lord plans for her to be? If you are not ready, don’t just bother.
  7. Most importantly, before you open your mouth to say “I LOVE YOU”, ask yourself if this is not just for a moment of “EMOTIONAL MADNESS”.


A lady needs much more than ‘I LOVE YOU’. She needs your commitment. If you are not ready to make that commitment that will lead to marriage, please leave her alone in peace and stop wasting her time and resources.

Anyway lets stop here. I love you all so much. And don’t forget to add me for more posts my id- @iam_johnpatience.
Thank you.




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