[Ep. 2] WAYS TO FEEL BETTER AFTER BREAK-UP (The Love Experience Podcast with John Patience)

The Love Experience Podcast With John Patience
The Love Experience Podcast With John Patience

I am John Patience and I will discussing on how one can feel better after a break-up.

You see when one is heart broken, that means you have been hurt by the very one whom you love so much, probably when you must have trusted and thought this person can’t hurt you. So when you have been heart brokened by the very one you love so much, there are certain things in which one must do to feel better and alive again.

Actually to me when one is heart brokened, the person is like a walking dead because I have been in that shoes for too long that I can’t say it all so for me to be alive now to say these, I must have done something to keep me happy and better now and those times both good and bad will be like a memory to me.

You might have the thoughts of committing suicide, causing harms to yourself, saying all guys/ladies are the same NO!!! They are not the same just that one was blinded by the love that’s why he/she were not able to see the real him/her. There’s a reason for everything to happen on earth not that God hates us or want bad for us, no He wants the best for us just that everything is already predestined, am talking about he/she have been destined to meet the wrong person is just for you to know and learn from it and move on cause not everyone is lucky to find the rightful one.

So for you to let go of your past even though it’s quite difficult you ask yourself these; How do i let go of these ? How do I forget about these pains?

1. HOBBIES: You have to see or do things that will distract you from thinking to that direction e.g. everyone has hobbies mine are swimming, dancing, listening to music and going for a stroll or rides etc… So probably, when you are feeling down, that you know will give you joy or take your perspectives from your pains.

2. MUSIC: Some people have love for music. I would advised that but you know music on its own have a way of passing messages to someone. So you might decide on listening to a cool and calm song it can work but at the same time, for some people, they will find it as noise because they might consider it as rubbish disturbing them from thinking straight. But one can at least give it a try and surely you will feel better.

3. OUTING: When I mean outing, am talking about you going out to meet different people, go to places that will make you feel relaxed you can also choose to go for a ride to relax your brain and please make sure to put down the valance/vent window of the car cause it has done a lot for me to clear my head like all those wind/breeze flipping through my face and sight-viewing all the buildings during that night with its light all over looking beautiful whirling my heart out oh goodness it helped a lot then sure you will feel better.

4. FRIENDS: You might say you want to be left alone i know of that. But you are wrong because you being left alone, can make you take the wrong steps. you might want to drink your head out, take drugs (poison, overdosage), think negatively, but if you take time to allow your friends and please take note when I mean friends am talking about real friends. I know that right now you will be asking yourself how you will get to know your real friends yeah that corrects! because it is said that in times of need you will get to know your real friends (its correct and not correct) because your fake friends can come to show their sympathy whilst inside of them, they are laughing and mocking you so its best if you start knowing them by studying them very well. So allow friends into your life to cheer you up, take you out, give you positivity and so on you will see yourself moving forward.

5. GIVE ROOM TO RELATIONSHIP: What I mean by that is I know it will be difficult to allow someone else into your life but you can’t loose the right one just because of the pain. You can’t just decide to just close all the doors to your heart cause I know that’s what everyone thinks that I can’t date again, I can’t love again, you might say all that but remember that not everyone are the same because it was bound to happen. ‘So A MUST GIVE ROOM‘ to others if only your heart wants it and study the person in and out for safety reasons and take note ‘do not get into a relationship because you want to let go or forget about your past relationships cause it can result to harm to your partner and to your self cause that’s where comparison comes in and fear that he/she will break you the same way before. Only get into a relationship if your heart is really ready to love again and take a new memory you would like to build or have with him/her then you see yourself being happy and better once again.

6. BOOKS: Most importantly, get yourself recommended books on relationship tips to help build yourself for your next relationship and while in the relationship.

7. CRY: People might be wondering why i said cry. Yeah one has to cry to ease pain. So when one is sad and you find tears wandering round you eyes, don’t hold back the tears. You have to tear it out and you will be relaxed and heart free.

To my conclusion, I would love us to stay strong and happy. We should always know that it is bound to happen at least expect the unexpected/unimagined. Not because of love we would say I want to commit suicide or feel down. Lets just stay strong and positive. Thanks.





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